The Montreal Experience
Montreal Restaurants
Restaurants in the city of Montreal
Indoor Rock Climbing
Allez Up is just a stone’s throw from downtown Montreal in the “Nordelec”, a Montreal industrial landmark. Set against beautiful red....View More
Interactive Leisure
Interactive Leisure,
Ice-skating .
1000 De La Gauchetière Street West
H3B 4W5
Can....View More
Montreal Planetarium
Every year the Planetarium team designs, produces and presents three or four ....View More
Laser Tag
Laser Quest combines the classic games of tag and hide & seek with a high-tech twist. Donning the most sophisticated laser tag equipment available....View More
Adrenaline Paintball

Experience combat head to head with your adversaries hiding behind bunkers, rocks and trees. Surprise them with your skills, your sharp eye and mak....View More

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Montreal will not only take your breath away with its rich culture, history, and European flair. But it will blow your mind the minute the sun goes down! The sights and sounds get brighter, louder, and sexier as Canada's leading party and night life mecca becomes the ultimate experience for the party-goer in you!


Check out Montreal, seeing is believing and we have the proof!

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