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Since its creation in 1972, Parc Safari’s mission has been, above all, that of a large natural park with a zoological focus. Since then, we have built new infrastructures and created theme parks to offer visitors an unforgettable recreational experience.
Since April 2002, a new administration has been working on constantly improving our site, making it more attractive and welcoming to our visitors. More than 10 million dollars have recently been invested in this wonderful tourist site for the development of large-scale projects. Over the past 30 years, Parc Safari has welcomed over 10 million visitors of all ages, including about one million American tourists. The Parc hires 400 seasonal employees, which makes it one of the region’s main employers. Every year, we initiate hundreds of young people into the job market and customer service.

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Montreal will not only take your breath away with its rich culture, history, and European flair. But it will blow your mind the minute the sun goes down! The sights and sounds get brighter, louder, and sexier as Canada's leading party and night life mecca becomes the ultimate experience for the party-goer in you!


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