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Le 281 (CLOSED)

Le 281 Male Strip Club Montreal

94 Ste-Catherine Street East,
Montreal, QC H2X 1K7

Call for reservations:
Toll-Free: 1-866-847-6859

Le 281 (CLOSED)


It was in Miami, in February 1980, that the little story of Club 281 began when Mr. France Delisle visited the Crazy Horse bar there. This establishment offers extraordinary entertainment: on a stage, men perform “stripteases”, to the delight of a mostly female clientele.

Owner of Café Abitibi for ten years, Mr. Delisle decided to change the vocation of his South American dance bar to make it a bar for naked dancers, the latter being commonly called the “gogo boys”. A month and a half later, once the legal procedures had been completed, an advertisement was placed in the newspaper: “Let’s look for dancers”.

This is the wave of “women’s lib”, women express themselves and claim. Moreover, a march that will bring together nearly 100,000 women is organized, rue Sainte-Catherine. Without having planned it this way, the moment is still well chosen to officially open the doors of Club 281 (281 being the civic number of the establishment). April 14, 1980 therefore marks the beginning of a beautiful bond between women and this bar, which will become, in a way, the symbol of the liberated woman.