Best Strippers in Montreal

Best Montreal Strippers

Strippers in Montreal

For the better part of a decade, we have dedicated ourselves to nightlife entertainment. We can safely say that we know the industry. We know what our customers need to make a great party and strive to exceed their expectations in every way. We treat every party as if it were our own.

Be confident that we will do our very best to make every party we handle the party of a lifetime for you and your guests. That is our promise to all of our customers. We actually care about the experience and giving this industry a good name for high quality, customer focused work. Call us today or send an e-mail with any questions you may have.

We look forward to touching your life in a positive and fulfilling way. Thank you again for visiting us. We look forward to having an amazing party together!

We love Montreal and would never want to tarnish it’s reputation.

Here’s a small list of what we’ve done. It should help you with some ideas and get the ball rolling.

We do it all, strippers for any event!

  • Bachelor Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Christmas Party
  • Corporate Event Parties
  • Graduation Party
  • Holiday Parties
  • Retirement Party
  • Super Bowl Parties!
  • Two Girl Lesbian Show
  • Topless Beer Pong
  • Topless Waitresses
  • Topless Barmaids
  • Nip/Slip & Slide
  • Two Girls 1 Bath
  • Stripper Wrestling
  • Legs and Eggs
  • Limos and Bimbos
  • Guns & Hoes
  • Boats & Hoes
  • Naked Sushi
  • Smoked Meat Show
  • Strip-O-Gram
  • Any Occasion!

Topless Beer Pong

Just like the good old days in college, except this time you have hot Montreal strippers to play against.

Legs & Eggs

Have a couple strippers come over and cook you guys breakfast. The ultimate hangover cure.

Topless Poker

Have a stripper deal for you and your buddies card game. Don’t forget to look at your cards!

Lesbian Shower

Watch some dirty strippers clean each other.

Limos & Bimbos

Limos are always a fun. So it’s safe to say that adding some strippers to your ride downtown, would be even better.

Hoe Karting

Nothing compares to big breasts the smell of gasoline and coconut oil. Some strippers come equipped with airbags..

Smoked Meat Show

Smoked meat cut fresh in the privacy of your room, while you watch some strippers put on a live private show.

Lesbian Stripper Show

Have some of Montreal's hottest strippers put on a 2 girl lesbian show for you and your buddies in the privacy of your own room. Need more strippers? We've organized shows with up to 16 strippers. The only restriction is your budget!

Boats & Hoes

Everyone loves boats, and strippers. So we’ll get you a boat, and a bunch of hoes!


The telegram business might be dead, but we believe the Strip-O-Gram business is here to stay!

Naked Sushi / Nyotaimori

Not everyone likes sushi, but everyone loves strippers... Naked Sushi is definitely a memorable event.

Custom Requests

Any special requests? We'll try to make it happen!

Little Strip Show

Want midget strippers? We’ll make it happen. An oiled up little person is something you’ll probably never forget.

Jello Wrestling

We’ll get you a couple strippers a tub and a TON of jello. All you have to do is watch and enjoy!

Slip N’ Slide Strippers

Slip N' Slide Strippers

We’ll set up a Slip N' Slide for your group just about anywhere. It's just as fun as it sounds.

Waitress / Barmaid

Hot strippers come over and make you and your buddies drinks, and even throw in a some lap dances.

2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment

Well as you may know Canada isn’t very big on guns. Strippers and Laser Tag does have it's benefits though.

A short list of some Do’s and Don’ts at Montreal Strip Clubs


Do: Take the money you are willing to spend in cash.
Don’t: Use the club ATM or any kind of plastic.


Do: Bathe and wear clean clothes.
Don’t: Drench yourself in cheap body spray like they do on TV ads.


Do: Try to catch a dancer’s name when the DJ announces her.
Don’t: Pay attention to everything the DJ says.


Do: Politely say no thanks, when you don’t want a dance.
Don’t: Try to explain why you don’t want a dance.


Do: Think with the big head more than with the little one
Don’t: forget the best dances often don’t come from the best looking dancers.


Do: Always remember that you and she are there for two entirely different reasons – you’re there to have a god time but she’s there to work, it’s her job, and she deserves to be compensated for her time just like you are when you’re at work.
Don’t: Never forget that she’s not there looking to meet guys, she’s there looking to make money.


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