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20 Do’s and Don’ts Montreal Strip Clubs

Strip Club Montreal

20 Do’s and Don’ts

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Do: Take the money you are willing to spend in cash.
Don’t: Use the club ATM or any kind of plastic.

Do: Bathe and wear clean clothes.
Don’t: Drench yourself in cheap body spray like they do on TV ads.

Do: Try to catch a dancer’s name when the DJ announces her.
Don’t: Pay attention to everything the DJ says.

Do: Politely say no thanks, when you don’t want a dance.
Don’t: Try to explain why you don’t want a dance.

Do: Think with the big head more than with the little one
Don’t: forget the best dances often don’t come from the best looking dancers.

Do: Always remember that you and she are there for two entirely different reasons – you’re there to have a god time but she’s there to work, it’s her job, and she deserves to be compensated for her time just like you are when you’re at work.
Don’t: Never forget that she’s not there looking to meet guys, she’s there looking to make money.

Do: Try talking to her like she’s a regular girl you met at a bar (except you really know you’ll see some T&A!)
Don’t: Be intimidated.

Do: Feel free to gawk and stare at the strippers on and offstage.
Don’t: Gawk and stare while they’re giving a lap dance nearby.

Do: Approach a girl you want a dance from, if that’s what it takes.
Don’t: Approach her while she’s with another customer.

Do: Enjoy yourself within the limits set by the dancer.
Don’t: Engage in inappropriate touching unless she clearly gives permission.

Do: Accept extras, if she brings it up and you want and can afford it.
Don’t: Ask for extras.

Do: except reasonably priced dances.
Don’t: Accept any dance without first asking the price and maybe what her rules are.

Do: Get dances from a stripper with an open mind.
Don’t: French kiss a stripper with open cold sores.

Do: Show them your love for their stage dancing.
Don’t: Show them your erection.

Do: Enjoy the moment and the entertainment.
Don’t: Fall prey to dancer con jobs telling you how much more you can get for x more dollars because she really likes you.

Do: Check your wallet and keys immediately after getting up after a lap dance.
Don’t: Trust dancers you just met to tell you the truth.

Do: Dress in slacks.
Don’t: Dress in jeans if you’re going to get friction dances. Keep keys, pens, etc. to a minimum.

Do: Know the club rules and your favorite dancer rules.
Don’t: Do anything I wouldn’t do and if you do, don’t get caught.

Do: Count the songs while getting a lap dance.
Don’t: Assume the dancer will stop if you say nothing. She’ll charge you for extra songs at full price.

Do: When posting a review of a club, give an overall rating.
Don’t: Rate a club strictly on mileage and dancer’s looks. We all have particular tastes.